Sunday, September 23, 2012

Redeemables II

This is how bad my memory is getting. The reason for the previous post on dumpster diving was to mention that when I toss sharp objects in the garbage I have to make sure to wrap them safely so the the dumpster divers don't get injured as they're riffling through the plastic garbage bags. But I failed to mention that. Inexplicably, that was the whole crux of the previous post, but it still slipped my mind. The list goes on. But then I'll have to remember the other incidents which might take a while. Is it funny? Well, it's starting to get not funny.

Watched the pomp and circumstance of this year's Hawaii Five-O premier on tv. We get to see the opening episode a day earlier than the rest of the nation at least if you're devoted enough to make it to the beach and watch it on the giant outdoor screen. The crowd starts staking out front row seats the night before. Naturally, I watched it on tv even though the event is happening a stone's throw from where I live on the Ala Wai.

I noticed right off the bat that some of the Hawaii Five-O minor stars are getting star struck. At least by how they handled their interviews. Fiction is getting mixed up with their non-fiction lives. Or the lines seems to be blurred between their alter egos. Meahwhile, through it all, Alex O'Loughlin (Steve McGarrett Jr.) has as usual been able to maintain himself as a class act. Obviously, Alex realizes that although the crowd sees him as Steve McGarrett, he's not well Steve McGarrett in real life. Alex has this talent of making the tv interviewers feel like they're doing him the favor instead of the other way around. Like I said class act.


Kay said...

Although Daniel Dae Kim is still my favorite actor, I really like Alex too. I watched the red carpet show also and was impressed with all of them.

RONW said...

Kay- it better not slip my mind to watch tonight's Hawaii Five-O as been the trend lately. Daniel Dae Kim looks better with his hair trimmed.