Monday, September 3, 2012

Dis n' Dat

Want to hear something that'll turn your stomach inside out? On today's Dr. Oz show, the good doctor said that if you're always feeling low on energy, etc, it might be due to parasites living inside your system I think it was the digestive tract. Not just the run of the mill parasites. But parasites that are tenants for 25-years or more at the same zip code. At that point I switch channels because they were begining to show pics. I normally watch 24-hour news channels, but a few days ago, there was a discussion on Dr. Oz of how beneficial to you health herbs a spice are to your health, so I decided to tune in again.

Stopped at Longs Drugs (CVS) in Kahala Mall at dusk, but the store is open til midnight even though the rest of the shopping mall closes at 9pm. There was lots of empty parking spaces. So I conveniently parked in a stall about 20 feet across the store's entrance. Then the door to Long's refused to open because you guessed it, Labor Day hours. All the lights were on inside. Four people were right behind me, and they reacted in unison with the same thing that I was thinking. Didn't really need anything that urgent. You know nothing near as bad as UH's opening game loss to No. 1 ranked USC on Saturday in front of a national audience.


blournalist said...

It seems really tough to be in collegiate sports in Hawaii. How many trips can they really pay for? How many other teams are willing to make the trip?

I think about HPU and their DII softball program. How many times can you play Chaminade and UH (which is DI?)

Don't know if the athletes have to pay their own travel expense, or how they find the time for those away games. Baffles me.

Kay said...

Gosh, Ron. I don't know sports either but I remember Art saying that he was expecting this. We're used to losing since we're from Chicago and are Cubs fans.