Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tonight's, The Daily Planet

On my nightly stroll to the beach, I had to walk around a car which the driver had pulled off and parked on the driveway, on the part of the driveway that would be part of the regular sidewalk if the sidewalk ran through. Perhaps, the occupants whom were still inside planned to talk for an hour to each other just to take a break from tweets. Well, not quite. Instead, the driver walked around to the passenger side and opened the door for his date. Haven't seen that in a while, and all I can say is that the mars lander couldn't have been any more impressive, save if the lady, picked up the dinner and drink tab, which seldom ever ever happens. Later at the beach, and something fellow smokers could relate to .... I realized that I had forgotten my lighter dang it, and no my lighter's name isn't dang it. But to make the most of things, I lit my cigarette on a tiki torch. Thusly, if you, too, ever forget to bring your lighter to the beach. You now knows how to light your cigarette, but this only works at nights, of course, since the tiki torches are off during the day. At any rate, the most stoopidest thing .... the Hawaii court (or judge) has allowed a mental institution patient to attend community college classes unsupervised. The nutcase had been attending classes supervised. Which is senseless enough since there exists online courses. Acquited by insanity in 2010, the patient stabbed two people on a hiking trail in 2009 while he was naked. One of the victims, 18 times.


Kay said...

This brings to mind how sneaky that insanity plea is. You can kill people (or try to) plead insanity and then go to school unsupervised 3 years later? Really, REALLY stupid!!! Why can't we get rid of these judges.

RONW said...

Kay- students might decide to drop out of the class. Not worth the risk.