Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mitt Who?

Mitt Romney is in Poland, after visiting olympic London, Israel, etc. Why does he do this now before the November presidential elections? Free publicity back in the US, but also if he loses to Obama, Romney won't be receiving the same red carpet treatment from the host countries if he visited them later. Remember Obama had 200,000 people in Berlin cheering him when Obama was a presidential candidate demonstrating how he could walk on water on a pond in a park. Europeans must be getting irritated since their own political candidates challenging the incumbent prime minister, premier, etc. don't make it a point to visit Washington DC right before their elections. At any rate, Romney has everything to gain even if he does end up losing to Obama in November. His 2012 campaign would work out as a warm up lap for a more favorable presidential run in 2016 since Vice President Joe Biden nor any other notable Democrat aren't planning to run for president.


Kay said...

From everything I've heard, he's not doing all that great going overseas anyway criticizing the British for not having enough security and telling the Israelis that their culture was what enabled them to be better than the Palestinians or some such thing which only got the Palestinians really upset. I really feel he's pretty inept.

RONW said...

Kay- I'm not a supporter of Romney especially since he's running against Obama, but insofar as Romney's olympics comment is another example where the media gets things wrong (probably on purpose). Romney was strictly quoting verbatum what a British newspaper had earlier wrote, not his own assessment. The media left that little detail out. Same thing with blogs I guess. But at least with blogs, we don't do it intentionally.