Thursday, May 10, 2012


Freshly replenished with brand new sand, I wonder whether with the remake if da Beach is re-eligible to be listed on Dr. Beach's Top 10 Beaches of 2012. I believe the rule is that once a given beach makes the list, it can't be on it again, or perhaps after so many years later or something like that. If you haven't noticed, today's pics are a fraction larger. They're 425 pixels wide. My standardized size was 400 pixel wide with no enlarged view. Does the extra 25 pixels wider make a huge difference? That's left to eagle eye of the beholder on the other side of the monitor screen, and on that note, "What, you hadn't noticed." If nobody is around to hear a tree fall in the middle of a forest, than it follows it wouldn't make a difference either with the historical inauguration of 425 pixels, here. I personally don't see the need for posting super large size pics. Well, if somebody is searching on the Internet for a photo for a screen saver. The way that I see it is that readers only look at a featured pic once, then mostly forget about it. There're always be new pics in the next post.


Kay said...

Oh wow! They cleared it?

RONW said...

Kay- yes that's the same beach where majestic Mt. Waikiki stood.

blournalist said...

Just because I don't watch reruns, doesn't mean I don't want a big screen TV. Or something clever like that.

Did the beach get appreciably wider?

RONW said...

blournalist- apparently 'pic size' is the equivalent of talking politics or religion.

Is the world famous beach appreciably wider now? It is, from what it was. The beach was never naturally wide here. However, the water's warm so the general idea was to jump into the pool not lounge around all day on the beach chairs like fat seals. Btw, I tossed your beach chair. I needed the room in my storage locker.

blournalist said...

Yes, it's the most beautiful beach I have ever seen, but I did not travel 4,300mi to sit on my, um... okole, I believe it's called.

So long, chair I never knew.

And for the record, you do post items worth a second look.

RONW said...

blournalist- those sunrises and sunsets are something that every blogger has posted pics without exception. Hurry, get the camera out, and all that. The problem is that you simply can't fully convey the moment with a photo as much as we might wish to. It's simply not possible. Yes, 'okole' is the proper term.