Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Painted Ladies

For $800, you'd expect disputes over what constitutes fair compensation would have been handled more discretely without all the fanfare. Again, $800! To begin with, I don't believe that secret service agents make that kind of money. Or, that the same services wouldn't be readily available at a more economical rate in a poor country such as Colombia. The exchange rate for the US dolllar to the Colombian peso is 1000 pesos to 56¢. Do the math for youself. I've never had the pleasure to pay for sex so I don't know the thinking behind the urgency or desperation. What I do know, or at least, just about take for granted, is that some of every country's advance team of security agents there to scope out the scene enlisted the services of prositutes on their free time. And that's more likely becuz protitution is cheap in South America in comparison to the US or Europe. A sovenier if anything. You probably could get room and board (room & a broad) for a week for $800. Perhaps, the mixup was between 800 pesos versus 800 dollars. 800 pesos would work out to 46¢ but then the agent thought he had a deal we'd never know. A lot of secret service agents have been axed stemming from this sorry situation, but I suspect that the now famous prostitute is in for some backlash from her fellowship too.

Lately there's been a lot of news coverage of prostitution that takes place locally. Mostly the discussion disputes the notion that prostitution is a victimless crime, in that, a large number of prostitutes are enslaved into the trade by human traffickers or pimps. Then their dire situation progresses to a more complicated relationship. The prostitutes get fast tracked into being drug addicts and thereon they need the high paying work to support their drug habbit. According to Civil Beat only 2 pimps have been arrested locally in the past 2 years. So enforcement is lackluster to say the least. In the same Civil Beat story, a commenter complained about hookers aggressively accosting him as he walked along Kuhio Ave. one night. In one area where the street walkers do their walking in Waikiki happens to be where a bunch of nightclubs have had so much violent incidents that police cars park on the street right outside the front entrances. So commenter asked the cops nearby if it's not their duty to intervene and stop the hookers from harassing him mainly because it's taking place all in front of their eyes. The 2 cops didn't simply ignore him but indeed responded by summarily searching his backpack and issuing him a complimentary jaywalking ticket even though he did not cross the street. Somebody's getting paid off here. A hooker in my apartment building charges $300 a trick. She doesn't live in the building during the day instead maintains her unit for nocturnal business. Shares it with other hookers, too, well charges them. Just whom does the sheets is anyone's guess. And ho, with an ouch, some of them are awful ugly in the light of day especially their skin complexion. Most of them. However they've been doing well for years. The recession never effected them. More than on one occasion the hookers steal the clients wallet while they have their pants off and one time this disgruntled customer came back looking for the prostitution not because of the money per se but because he was a foreign visitor and needed his I.D. We called the cops but the cops said that if he filed charges they would have to arrest him for engaging in an illegal activity. I suggested to the responding officers that 'perhaps' they should grant the victim immunity so they could nail the protitute for tax evasion or theft, since it's almost impossible to arrest a prostitute in the act of exchanging money. Nope.

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