Thursday, April 12, 2012

Healthy Thursday

This is indeed the same guy that I photographed in an earlier post pumping iron on the banks of the Ala Wai, same trunks if you compare the past and present pics. In the earlier photo and I noted that I wasn't quite sure whether he was the same person who lugs heavy objects on his shoulder for miles, but apparently he is the one and the same atlas, actually running or jogging today with the log balanced on his shoulder. Musta been bored just strolling along with the log on top of his shoulder. Yea, he switches shoulders. Btw, I bought a six-pack of 'Joint Juice®' tonight. I saw an advertisement of it on the tv pitched by none other than Joe Montana. So, it sound legit. There are already joint supplements so Joint Juice® isn't something entirely new, but usually the other joint supplements are in powder form. These are six 8oz bottles.

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