Wednesday, February 8, 2012

As Scene on the TV

It slipped my mind again that Hawaii Five-O airs on Monday nights. They do show nice local scenery.

Last week, I actually remembered that Five-O was on, but when I tuned in to watch it live, it turned out to be a repeat broadcast. The previous two weeks before that, I forgot period. So I watched those episodes on the internet on replay. Oh, this week's episode, after the earlier scenes shown in the pics, the script relapsed back again into heavy on the soap opera M.O.

If you like trekking up hills then the Koko Head crater trail is thing for you shown in the same earlier scene. I've heard it's a splendid view from the summit. I 'heard.' Never have or would contemplated doing it myself.


Kay said...

I've never done that Koko Head trek either. The Diamond Head uphill climb was good enough for a lifetime.

I saw this week's Hawaii 5-0 but missed the week before. Totally forgot. I thought this week's episode was ... so so. The plot didn't quite make sense to me.

RONW said...

Kay- last week's Hawaii Five-O was a repeat episode so no miss anything there. They try to squeeze in so many twists and turns that it's fragmented within the 40-minute time frame.