Monday, December 12, 2011

Orange Monday

This morning, I took a spin around Waikiki and the sidewalks were filled with people who ran in yesterday's marathon. They're easy to spot because they're wearing the official orange T-shirt emblazoned with the 2011 Honolulu Marathon logo and orange it was every where. What struck me about today's post marathoners was that they weren't hobbling around. Were not. I finally saw two orange shirt people who were actually the only hobblers out of the thousands that I passed by. Traditionally, the marathon hobble is what marathoners did the next day. Musta gone outta fad or something. Even if they didn't happen to be wearing their finisher's T-shirt you knew right off the bat that they were limping around because they did the marathon the day before. So, I thought to myself perhaps the hobble that I remember was the marathoners that I saw later on the day of the marathon a few hours later. But even if that was true, how was it that this year's marathoners were able to get fully recuperated, or seem that way, by the very next morning? Both body and soul. Either there's a miracle potion that came in their marathon packages or they loaned their marathon T-shirts to a person who accompanied them to Honolulu.


Cloudia said...

it IS orange day, Ron!

Aloha from Waikiki

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RONW said...

Cloudia- the streets were relatively empty tonight. Dunno if you went out yourself. I guess marathoners aren't night life people. On the news they said something about a water sports center in Ala Wai yacht harbor?

Bradley Farless said...

Good observation Ron. I'd like to know too. What time were you out? When you saw the marathon people I mean? If it was early morning, maybe the people you saw were the ones that came in slowly and the ones who really pushed themselves were still at home recuperating, waiting until later in the day to go out?

RONW said...

Brad- it was in the morning the day after this year's race, but for the other years, all day long (day after) you would see marathoners limping around. I mean I barely saw any 'hobblers' this year. Real odd.

Bradley Farless said...

Well, maybe we should think optimistically and believe that people are in better shape this year. =) That is interesting, though.

Kay said...

I just read your post to Art and he's chuckling away and loving it! Art soaked in Epsom salts last year and was pretty fine the next day.

Orange, eh?

RONW said...

Kay- 26 miles is incredible for someone Art's age, moreso, because he actually runs most(?) or all of the route. It must not be easy not signing up for "next year's marathon." But then there would always be a next year's the last marathon. It takes a lot of mind power either way.