Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Shopping

Oh, like I had nothing better to do tonight than make a run to the store to buy some Brillo Pads. When I'm running low on sundries or for that matter anything else I buy a second batch to stock up as a backup. 2 to 4 more. I don't agree with running out. However, for some reason the low Brillo pads went under the radar. Anyways the store that I went to must have prepared in advance for my grand arrival, as in, Brillo Pads neither, the other brand, were not on the shelf where they normally are any other day of the year between this household item and that household item. Neither were they sold out. Brillo Pads were just well there were no Brillo Pads. Anyways, I'm only so glad that they haven't started playing Xmas music quite yet in the stores. However, stores are beginning to stock Christmas decorations and wrapping paper and thusly the things that are usually stocked on a given aisle are moved elsewhere to make room for the Christmas decorations. It's the season. Just in case it slips my mind, Merry Xmas.


Kay said...

Aren't Brillo pads rather harsh on your pots and pans? Wouldn't you rather use Dobie pads or teflon scrapers? Merry Christmas!

Cloudia said...


Yeah, i like to be stocked up too, esp with APEC madness taking over West Waikiki. (All quiet today thought)

Aloha from the next security zone over

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Cloudia said...

Kay makes a good point . . .just sayin`

RONW said...

Kay- the Brillo's are for the faucets to remove any lime residue before they get to the lime deposit stage which as you've already blogged about yourself almost impossible to remove totally. The pots-n-Pans are teflon or seasoned (wok) or anodized so no Brillo there.

Cloudia- Just passed through Waikiki and it was actually less traffic than usual. Perhaps everybody's avoiding here having been forewarned. Tomorrow, I dunno. If they close a section of one street it's bound ot back up the rest of the streets to the ying yang.

Anonymous said...

One of our neighbors already has their Christmas lights up.


RONW said...

Winnie- darn, beat me by a day. However, there's always next year.