Sunday, November 27, 2011

Speed Tester or Lack Thereof

I stumbled upon this Internet speed tester on the Web, and is my ISP blazingly fast or not. The data also shows that my 'server' is located 2400-miles away if that has anything to do with transmission speeds.

71% of the US is faster than my ISP
which clocks in at a measly 2.86 Mb/sec.

78.86 Mb/s.
Stanford University, California.

27.60 Mb/s.
Montreal, Canada.

The tester is available here. The page below will appear.


Kay said...

Sigh...... I don't think I want to know.

RONW said...

Kay- HawTel here. I suspected the loading was taking too long.

Bradley Farless said...

I'm surprised you didn't know about this already. I've been using this site for years. Testing based on servers close to you are ok, but it's best to find out where the servers are for the sites you like most, and then do a test to check your connection speed to a server in that area.

RONW said...

Brad- no, I absolutely wasn't aware of this add-on, I knew there were various speed testers out there though that they existed. Perhaps it demonstrates how diverse the net is getting at this stage. Before times every newest widget everybody knew about immediately, clocks, weather gizmos, etc. I use to read a widget site but stopped doing so, actually forgot all about it.

RONW said...

Brad- btw, what's your download speed?? If you don't mind me asking.

Bradley Farless said...

I don't use a widget. I just use the speedtest website. I'm on campus right now, so I can't tell you my download speed until I get home, but it's usually around 10 mb/s, even though we pay for 12.

Anonymous said...

Using a local (Honolulu) server my RoadRunner connection is 9.79 down and .49 up. Using a server in San Francisco I get 1.33 down and .97 up in Palo Alto 3.3 down and .96 up.

The different download results are what I expected but the upload results are puzzling since I thought that the my ISP controls that.

I've used the site before but never really tried other server locations other than those selected by (ping) default.


RONW said...

Alan- you're still almost 4x faster than my HawTel ISP. I've been noticing that my Internet was sputtering intermittently it would pause during downloads. It seemed like my computer was in a wait mode pausing for more packets of data to arrive before it could stitch the package togehter or whatever the local node that performs that step of the operation. These remote servers makes me suspect that the local ISP's are simply middlemen. The reason I'm still with HawTel even though obviously cable is faster is that Time Warner has become too big a monopoly with all the negative connotations that follow. However, I haven't forgotten that HawTel was also a punk monopoly too with landline phone service prior to people going all cellphones. HawTel service people were brash those days, take it or leave it thing.