Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finally Haz Me My Blog Back

the freakin support person at Blogger should get himself a real life. Being introverted is NOT real life. It may be so for that particular person. However, why not better to keep it under wraps to yourself when another human-being on the same planet, as in, me, not the reflection in the mirror asks questions only to get an answer back in a form of another question. Please pretend you're a human-being at the very least, imbecile. Not some social slob that strains himself with a hernia at the slightest effort of explaining tech protocols that you neither invented or. Screw blogger. I almost went back to TypePad. This close. Btw, that would be $14.95 a month for TypePad hosting. The factor played a huge role in the 'almost' went back to Typepad decision but instead to stick with Blogger. For no reason other than fierce loyalty, yeah right. "Screw you Blogger," is being too polite. Then Mr. Support Person redirects me to his personal blog where he has posted a compilation of answers to questions like such I posed for me to see the light through he the guru but the black text on the pages of his blog is written on a splotchy gray background and the paragraphs you have to strain your eyes to make out the words that translate into what has all this to do with the tea in China. I guess it's better to fix website related glitches yourself.


Cloudia said...

frustrating I know. glad you hung in there, Ron

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

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RONW said...

Cloudia- Thankyou. It was more simpler than it all appeared to be.

Bradley Farless said...

Wait, what? You actually talked to a real person at Google? I thought there were only robots and forum answers?

Kay said...

What? I didn't know there was an actual support person at Blogger either. I have to say Wordpress does have good support, however, you get more traffic with Blogger.

RONW said...

Brad- c'mon, it was through Email and I might add bad enough through that format. It was similar to when you call into a product support number and they're all over the place. I don't think these were paid staffers. They're volunteers doing it for prestige alone. Power to them. I'm sure they have sound reasons for the redirects, but I've explained things to people when I was the person 'in the know' and dumbed it down so we could get somewhere. Instead, it was more peruseing and instruction manual. Btw, it's a good idea to write down your ORIGINAL Blogger url which is the impasse. About the only way to retrieve the original url is through a working dashboard, but since you won't be able to access the full dashboard without knowing the original url, unless you happen know the original url by memory, you'll be redirected through a maze leading to more techie riddles. Might not be with everybody but since I own my unique domain, my blogger url gets redirected to the unique domain in a two step process.

Kay- it's more like a forum where you select the closest question to your problemo from a list, and people chime in with answers, albeit, beyond your comprehension. As above, jaunt down your ORIGINAL blogger url .... xxxxx.blogspot.com .... in that format. Mines should logically have been .... hotelwaikiki.blogspot.com. But when I tested the url I ended up at the website of a 14-room hotel in Columbia. Ensanada, Columbia for that matter.

Bradley Farless said...

Oh. That's not a problem. I know my original URL. =) Not that I plan on letting my custom URL lapse. I know what you mean about the volunteers. You're lucky you got any worthwhile info at all out of them.

RONW said...

Brad- alas, my original blogger url was ....


NOT, http://hotelwaikiki.blogspot.com