Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spouting Off

Tonight's guest .... the Williams Sonoma non-spill spout that I bought a while back to stick onto the Wesson cooking oil bottle because I was tired of grabbing a sticky oil bottle. Inevitably, excess cooking oil drips over the edge of the bottle's mouth and down the sides of the plastic container. Even the freakin cap gets sticky. Then the handle on the refrigerator door gets grease on it a moment later. Then the volume button on the tv. Then the keyboards. Then the computer mouse. Just having some fun. At any rate, the non-spill spout was the solution.

The problem was finding a bottle with the right size mouth for the non-spill spout to fit into. Eventually, I found a maple syrup container that worked and have been using it for the past two months with no leakage. To my good fortune, the maple syrup bottle happen to have a promotional "50-percent more" capacity because typically, maple syrup bottles aren't that large to begin with. And yea, it's the cheapest maple syrup on the store shelf since things were still in beta and bottle collecting gets expensive otherwise. Just in case you're wondering, indeed, a glass bottle would work, the spout would fit perfectly, but I don't like glass containers around the stove. And el cheapo bartender's spouts won't keep excess oil from off the sides of a cooking oil bottle. The Williams Sonoma spout is extra spill-proof in that regards and of course more expensive.


Kay said...

Oh thank you, thank you, Ron! I shall definitely look into this because, YES we do have sticky, oily bottles in the house!

Cloudia said...

any studio apartments available in your place, Ron?


Still tryin to pass our boat on to the right party for silly money...

Aloha from up da road-

PS: My new blog posts are still not updating in blogger/reader OR links on others' blogs
but I'm still posting! :(

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RONW said...

Kay- I've been working on the idea for years. Tried the plain bartender spouts but there's no overflow puka molded into the base of the spout on those, and even with what little excess oil there is, a film of oil migrates down the sides of the bottle. Unless you wash your hands with soap every time you grab the oil bottle, everything that you handle gets sticky. If I save myself two extra washing-hands just a day, that over 600 wash da hands a year. If that makes any sense, er, multiply that by the years, LOL.

Cloudia- c'mon, you. As a landlubber, you'll fall off the bed bracing your body for the roll of the boat that won't come. Kaplonk on the floor. Been there. Seriously, though, selling the boat must be a huge decision. I imagine though more than a few people on waiting list might buy the boat just to acquire the lease on the slip. And yea, a houseboat would have been more roomy. I was riding around today in the area pictured on the cover of your novel. If you haven't been up there lately, the main Diamond Head bound roads have been repaved. So much smoother for two-wheeling. And, no, we don't have enough parking stalls here. Apparently, they used the phony condominium trick on the original construction permit, allowing them to build way less than one parking stall per unit. I've been saving my post on Notepad as I go, just in case Blogger screws up at their end.