Thursday, July 7, 2011

So, Disposed.

That's a tube and a nozzle from off another spray can that I stuck onto the Raid insect spray can. The Raid can has lasted 6 months so far. The object was to restrict the burst of spray to the insect in the line of fire instead of an entire square foot zone around the proximity of the target insect. In the process, the retrofit conserves the liquid in the Raid container probably quadrupling its useful life. The odd thing is that when I point the tube an inch away from the insect in the bullseye, the insect apparently freezes in position, perhaps thinking it's about to win the lottery. Then, one less insect.

Another odd thing, since it's happened enough times that the situation has become noteworthy, as in, it's a I'll mention it on the blog thingie. I get on our apartment building's elevator, press the button for the lobby floor. On its way down, the elevator stops to let another resident on. I step back to make room for the boarding passenger. However, when the elevator reaches the lobby floor and the door opens, the second occupant confoundedly motions for me to step out first as if to extend me a courtesy of sorts in spite of being closer to the elevator entrance since he got on after me in the elevator in that descending order. In return, I motion for him to step out first. Sometimes, twice.


Kay said...

Wow! You sure have nice people in your building!

You also have nice insects. Our insects on this side of the island wait for NOBODY!

OkiHwn said...

Thanks to WD-40!

Remember the termite spray with the flexible tube and the pointed metal nozzles to stick into holes in wood?

RONW said...

Kay- the goal is to get rid of insects one by one, while reducing my pesticide footprint for the benefit of the planet.

Nate- I actually tried the WD-40 nozzle, but they have a new design with a trigger mechanism that has reverse connections to the spray can, purposedly designed that way so people don't steal the the nozzles from the WD-40 cans on the store shelve. And yea, that termite spray was canned by a local company I think.

blournalist said...

Oh, I've definitely had that lottery feeling before.

And I'm surprised that elevator arm dance has never made it to an episode of Seinfeld.

Hattie said...

In our Seattle condo elevator the texting youngsters seem very put out to have to share space with us wrinklies. The older people usually have dogs they are taking for walks, so we chat about dogs.

RONW said...

owner- and how about the people who try to quickly squeeze into the elevator at the lobby stop before you even begin to take a step out. Cannot be a race becaue we're going in opposite directions.

Hattie- there is elevator etiquette and there are people who should use the stairwells for the greater good.