Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Tidbits

Continuing the theme of Hawaii being the happiest state in the country, I bought this battery at a local brick-n-mortar outlet for the same low price that the same battery is sold for by larger online retailers. How many times does that happen especially in Hawaii with all the extra shipping costs tacked onto everything. For local readers, I bought the battery at Battery Bill's. They only sell batteries there. Now without further ado, we get to today's what doesn't make happy. Twice today a driver in the crossing street failed to stop at an intersection that I had the pleasure of being at. Wasn't close call or anything like that, but the first incident was a could have been. That's a but glad not.

There's a four-way stop where the Diamond Head Lighthouse road intersects with the Kapiolani Park road. The driver facing me on the opposite side of the Kapiolani Park road was motioning for me to proceed since he and I was turning in the same direction to my left. So, I motioned for him to proceed instead. And naturally the driver motions again for me to proceed. You're familiar with the scenario. Meanwhile, a car traveling down Diamond Head Lighthouse road, the perpendicular street, comes cruising across the intersection without stopping or even slowing down. So me and the other astonished driver was looking at each other from across the intersection and thinking, boy, aren't we glad we hesitated for a second before entering the street.

The second running-the-intersection happened at an intersection with a bleeping stop light. The kind that's when it's red, traffic in that direction is suppose to stop. Waikiki has a lot of one way streets where you turn from a side street onto a more used thoroughfare. This incident was on a cross street entering one-way Ala Wai Blvd. Our light turns green. All the cars infront of me start making left turns onto the one-way Ala Wai Blvd. So when it's my turn up in the line, I noticed an approaching driver on the Ala Wai Blvd., perpendicular direction, not bothering to stop for his red light. Not running a red light, so to speak, because the red light had already changed to red for what must have been at least 10-seconds already. But since Ala Wai Blvd. is multi lanes, the red light runner was physically in another lane, but it seemed like a kinda lame thing to do.

You might have noticed that the first photo was a little out-of-focus. The reason is that the railing that I'm utilizing as a photography table. I think that's the term for it. Anyways, the surface of the lanai railing is beveled. It slopes to the outside direction to let water run off instead of puddling. The general idea was that I didn't especially care for my brand new battery to slip off the edge, which might happen due to the trade winds, and thus focusing wasn't a high priority item at the moment.

Last night I decided to change my official Email address that Blogspot uses for this blog. But then, today, for reasons related, I wasn't able to access the "New Post" page for my own blog. Alas, after 75 hours, at least, 75 hours of submitting and resubmitting numerous passwords, etc, I was finally able to retrieve my blog, or the specific page that allows me to submit a new post.

Earlier today, this girl on the Ala Wai had been stabbed in the leg by her boyfriend during an argument that turned violent. The incident itself didn't take place on the Ala Wai, but at where the couple lived together in the Ala Moana area. But she was walking along the Ala Wai canal to get as far away as possible from Knife Man. There must have been 20 cops, responding to the scene and even a fire truck. No Danno or cameras you understand. The girl victim was reluctant to file a report against her alleged what's it called a person who stabs you in the leg on purpose. I don't know how far the cops were able to convince her before an ambulance finally took her away.

Those two recent water main breaks we had in Waikiki. I'm beginning to wonder if the earthquake we had last week didn't shake up the plate tectonics under Waikiki. More rhyme than reason on that one.

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