Saturday, March 12, 2011

Honolulu Festival's Fireworks Display Cancelled

The Japanese make up the large majority of the visitors who have flown in for this weekend's 17th annual Honolulu Festival and as a show of respect there'll be no fireworks finale off Waikiki beach this year following Sunday's grand parade down Kalakaua Ave. (main drag). The fireworks were extra special this year, something about being under the direction of the City of Nagaoka that sets off one of the best fireworks shows in Japan. Under the present circumstances, a large portion of the Japanese contingent might not have full time jobs when they return home. And to return home, they have to re-book a departure which is sure to take a few days with the current backlog of flights. Not that Hawaii's troubles has any comparison, but the financial impact on Hawaii visitor industry will be in the hundreds of millions, even a billion dollars, as the number of Japanese visitors to Hawaii is sure to start to decline significantly in the coming months.

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