Friday, January 28, 2011


Hi and a Happy Aloha Friday. You've probably never experienced something like this yourself, but with a click of a mouse, and a fistful of dollars, I bought a soldering gun online last night. From Amazon. Weller® brand. The industry standard for soldering guns. For an unbelievable $41.71. *Plus, free shipping*. Scheduled to arrive in the mail next week. But, know something, with "free shipping," I wouldn't mind waiting 2-weeks for the item. If it was urgent, I'd dish out another $40 and buy the same unit for its $80 retail price at local stores. Btw, those shipping charges on Internet "deals"....are often questionable. Free shipping eliminates that scenario. The $41.71 price was for the kit. Which means you get a carrying case and assorted soldering tips and a spool of solder wire (photo below) along with the soldering gun. The Weller soldering gun, "professional model," has a two-position trigger. 200 watts and 260 watts. It should suffice for the kind of soldering work I'll be doing around here for the next 50 years.


Anonymous said...

congrats! did not know you could buy such a thing on Amazon. I only buy books there.

RONW said...

gigi- practically every national chain store, etc. maintains an web outlet either on Ebay or Amazon which functions better than the company's own online store. Amazon has the best shipping rates. That was always the situation with shipping books. So, I'm thinking that Amazon applied the inexpensive shipping charges to other items that they sell. It's probably a trade secret. Btw, these are not "bids." The prices are set.

Kay said...

I shall mention this to Art. I don't know if he needs one, but you can never tell. I just bought a Kindle with the free shipping thing from Amazon. I was very impressed with the free shipping. I hope I'm impressed with the Kindle.