Friday, November 12, 2010

On Any Friday

am I the only person on the island that uses a table cloth on top of his/her computer desk?


Mokihana said...

You know, I really should do the same. Iʻm forever knocking crumbs outa my keyboard!

RONW said...

Mokihana- a definite advantage is that fabric feels better than faux wood.

gigi-hawaii said...

Ron, I can't fit a tablecloth on my computer hutch. It is 3 tiered, so the cloth would slide off.

I haven't had Ritz crackers in years! LOL.

blournalist said...

The title is great. The photo is just one, tipped over, mostly empty bottle of whisky away from being the centerpiece of an art exhibit.

See? This is what you get for not drinking.

Rowena said...

All that's missing is a placemat.

RONW said...

gigi- the Ritz crackers was on sale for $2.50, 8-pack, at that.


"This is what you get for not drinking."

You may have a point. Cheers.

Rowena- hmmm, a placemat? Forgot all about dat.

Kay said...

I don't know. I just have clutter on mine.