Wednesday, November 24, 2010


this is the pop-up that stares me in the face every time I tried to submit a post to Blogger, as in, huh? I finally figured it out that OPERA, my browser, was flagging Blogger as a site that was distributing malicious software which wasn't an issue on other browsers. For example, it's not so on Internet Explorer, however IE does not allow me to post pics, the upload button doesn't work, another huh. So tonight's post is presented to you by way of Firefox. Although OPERA allows me to ignore their warning and submit my Blogger post irregardless, I'm not at all 100 percent secure that OPERA instead isn't in fact the site that's been hacked and impersonating a double agent. Or something like that. That said, I now have to come up with something to blog about. I prefer to blog impromptu.

What Hawaii should be thankful for and is hugely thankful for is the uncharacteristic absence of hurricanes this season. Usually there's a swarm of tropical storms originating off the coast of Baja California on the annual itinerary and rarely does any not fizzle out by the time they reach the islands. However, before they fizzled out, at least some of the tropical storms grew into lower strength category hurricanes. This year, none, and to my knowledge, meteorologist never went pass the letter B naming tropical disturbances. I say, thankful, because the remnants of the former hurricanes subjugate us to week long heat spells of high humidity during the flyby. This year, none. No steaming outdoor saunas so far in 2010, how did we manage to survive. Oh I forget, we were all watching Hawaii Five-O. During the very first minute of Hawaii Five-0, there's always an obligatory murder in some gruesome form or other. We have lift-off, if you may. Immediately followed by the steady precipitation of the series soap opera M.O. Then back and forth to the pursuit of Mr. or Miss Whodunit, the butler, my sister's pet rabit, by the Fantastic Four .... McGarrett, Danno, Chin and Grace. Of more import, the plot swiftly begins to unveil the diabolical motive behind the current episode's murder du jour replete with a cone of probability, or cone of uncertainty, of the evil forces that commissioned the homicide a full hour earlier.


Anonymous said...

Huh??? What the...??? Ah, well, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

RONW said...

gigi- Happy Thanksgiving to you, as well.

Ann da sista said...

I was just thinking that - nice, calm hurricane season. Hope I didn't just jinx it. Happy Thanksgiving, bruddah. Gobble til you wobble!

Bradley Farless said...

Told you before you should have switched to Chrome or Firefox. They'll work a lot better with a lot more sites. Chrome just seems faster to me. The new IE they're working on now is supposed to be even faster though, and maybe it'll work with the pic uploading button for you? I think it's IE9 beta. I'm sure you'll see a Windows Update when it's available in finished form anyway.

As for Hawaii Five-O, I'm really enjoying it. It's a great crime thriller. I don't watch it hoping for revelations about the mysteries of life. I just like to see stuff get blown up, people get shot, maybe some hand to hand fighting and, of course, the good looking women.

You know what else is good? The Walking Dead and Nikita. Have you watched them at all?

Kay said...

I'm glad we've not had a hurriane either because we didn't have hurricane insurance.

I'm enjoying seeing Hawaii 5-0. I love seeing different parts of the island on TV.

So sorry you're having such problems posting. I've been getting hit by some kind of weird "virus" like thing coming from other people's mailboxes.

RONW said...

Ann- the rationale is that although, Obama can't really walk on water, he can prevent hurricanes from threating his home state.

Brad- I haven't switched browsers because I can't seem to find a way to transfer "my favorites" on OPERA to the new browser's bookmarks. I think IE and Firefox are doing this on purpose.

Kay- yea, what a relief with not even a hint of hurricanes this season. The best part of Hawaii Five-0 is the recognizable buildings and scenery.

Cloudia said...

Happy Holidayz, Ron!