Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday's Messages

This sign was posted on a wall of that four story Harley Davidson building on Nimitz Highway. Now, I'm a non-Harley bike owner, so it's tantamount to treason stepping into a Harley showroom. Long story. Anyways, I needed some special kind oil for bike repairs, and on a whim, I checked out the Harley dealership for the special kind oil. I didn't strike oil there, but there was this Screaming Eagle® on the showroom floor which sells for a measly $40,000 which would have been nice to ride home on. Have you ever entertained thoughts like this too, you know, about similar household items?

In other news, my union lowered the monthly dues from $20.00 to $10.00 starting next month. Monthly dues are apart from working dues which are substantially more, a lot more. Any trade union is essentially an employment agency. If the trade men aren't working, then their union does not take in revenue. When plenty people were working during the construction boom, the union lowered the monthly dues from $25.00 down to $20.00, since the working dues (paycheck percentage) were pouring in on a weekly basis from a cast of thousands. Thus when there's a sustained period with not much work in the islands, as it has been of late, the monthly dues should increase to keep the union solvent, but oddly the monthly dues was reduced. Still, I approve the message.


Kay said...

Well... there is a certain chest freezer that I have my eyes on.

RONW said...

Kay- that'll come in handy.