Monday, August 23, 2010

State Sued for Reducing Health Care Benefits

A group of Pacific island migrants in Hawaii have filed a federal lawsuit against the state to reinstate benefits that were cut in July.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction on the state's Basic Health Hawaii Plan, which gives non-citizens with less than five years of residency a scaled-back benefits plan. The change mostly affected more than 7,500 U.S.-affiliated migrants from the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands and other Pacific islands.

Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Yes people, the microdots are at it again. This time with the aid of Lawyers for Equal Justice, the micronesians are petitioning the court to prevent the state from reducing their health care benefits. Nothing like free health care benefits for non-citizens. Again, the issue is a "reduction" in health care benefits, not a denial of health coverage. And only to the non-citizens who have been in Hawaii for less than five years. The micronesians were successful in an earlier law suit which stopped the state from reducing their health care benefits across the board not just for recent arrivals. What kind of do-gooder organization has the gaul of anointing themselves, "Lawyers for Equal Justice," when they ignore the fact that state workers are being furloughed two days a month, and city workers are being furloughed two days a month because the state and city can only afford to pay them in coconuts, yet on the same moral ledger, the state is obligated and rich enough to pay for health care benefits of non-citizens.

Providing health care for these jackasses is costing the state $120-million per year. That's not including public housing and complementary car insurance for their SUV's which totaled together would amount to a conservative $200 million per year. How about a billion dollars in five years, then. Of the $120 million cost per year for the micronesian's universal health care plan, the federal government reimburses the state a measly $10 million per year. Rep. D'jou (R-Hi) has been actively pushing legislation in Congress that would arrange for the US to send money directly to Micronesia where they can build their own health care clinics so these bozos won't fly to the islands and cost the state room and board while awaiting medical treatment. Compared to where they're from, the micronesians have struck it rich here. Whereas in Micronesia, if you were starving, the government would hand you a spear gun which would have to last you for life. Then maybe, just maybe, when the government felt like it, they'll mail you a voucher for a medical appointment. According to Rep. D'jou, micronesians amount to one percent of Hawaii's population yet use up 30-percent of public assistance resources.


Anonymous said...

Now you know how we residents of AZ feel about feeding, providing education, healthcare, etc. etc. for the freaking illegals.

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