Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Seconds

.... know when you click on a button or a link on a webpage only to have it seemingly take an eon and a half to load? I've heard that the individual lags collectively swipe years off from your productive life. It's the blank screen that flashes in the interim that is the most annoying aspect of the wait. It's a good practice to blink your eyes on the up-stroke of your finger on the mouse after having clicked on a link to shield your sanity from the disorienting blast of the blank screen, the shutter on a camera in reverse might describe the motion, most obviously the objective being to synchronize the opening of your eyes with the new page fully loaded on your monitor screen, on the average, it takes a full two-seconds counting silently for the next page to debut, two seconds that you'll never get back, nonetheless, at least by this method,

I guess the problem should be identified as the transition from the present page on the monitor screen to a new page due to some sort of defective gene in the Internet protocol's DNA embedded by the same forces that make you wait in the shower for the water to get hot. That is to say, that uncouth page-to-page transitions only aggravates the unavoidable Internet delay. This isn't the same situation clicking on different pages on the same website because generally all the sub pages on a given website are fully loaded and transitions are instantaneous. Ditto with switching between different tabs on a browser. Again, this observation du jour is directed at the two seconds of blankness that occurs while switching between entirely different websites. Perhaps if you squint enough you can watch the photons decaying. Moving on, the "old page" should more properly remain on the screen until the "new page" is fully loaded because for the time being you won't be seeing anything new anyways.


Brad Farless said...

Ya, and the problem with is that 2 seconds isn't long enough to actually do anything else, so there's not much you can do but wait.

RONW said...

Brad- no multi-tasking, then

Kay said...

And then there's my Hotmail e-mail account that is suddenly dead. What the heck. I click on it and nothing.

Gigi also told me that certain comment systems don't allow people outside of blogspot to comment. Therefore, I had to change my comment page.