Friday, July 23, 2010

Hydroelectric Power

Tom Broadbent (industrial design graduate, Leicester De Montfort University, UK) has designed an electrical generator powered by falling water in the plumbing of high-rises. No shitting. Seriously. Broadbent explains: “.... the water goes down the pipe and hits four turbine blades [da sheet hits the fan] that drive one generator.”

via inhabitat


Kay said...

We sure do need any creative ideas for creating energy in Hawaii. By the way, Ron, do you know where to dispose of hazardous materials like paint spray cans, poisons, old turpentine and stuff like that?

Kay said...

Sorry, Ron. I just checked and got my answer. I was being lazy.

RONW said...

Kay- bet you must be enjoying Maui. You would think that the local tv news would occasionally inform the general public on these matters, especially the 5:30 half-hour telecast which is more national news. I mean if the stations needed a filler.