Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yesterday, a New Orleans federal judge struck down Obama's six-month moratorium on deep-water drilling. On the surface, it seems the moratorium would deprive a lot of people who live in the Gulf region of their livelihood. Workers on the drilling rigs as well as the workers that service and ferry the supplies to the drilling rigs. Therefore the federal judge in New Orleans struck down Obama's oil drilling ban to be neighborly, or maybe he just didn't care about the pelicans.

There are two types of oil platforms operating in the Gulf. There's a drilling platform (Deep Water Horizon), and the other type is a production platform which moves in after the drilling platform sails off from the same spot. I've mentioned before that just about the only tv that I watch is news networks, and I heard the following on the Rachel Maddow Show at MSNBC. There are 3600 production oil platforms operating in the Gulf waters. Off all the tiny dots in the map shown above, less than 40 of those tiny dots represent deep water drilling platforms. Obama's moratorium was on deep water drilling platforms. All 40 of them.

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