Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adios Jorge

from Dispatches from the Island

I'm pretty sure that the mahalo (thanks) is mutual from the fans of Lost. And as my sister noted, to their credit, Lost chose to end it all while they were still highly rated. The alternative would have been to drag things on until past the midnight hour whereof the series turned into a Nielson rating pumpkin and flopped. Opps, better not phrase it that way, Lost could never ever flop in a kabillion years. At any rate, in order to keep the natives perpetually happy, that is, the tv audience getting their fix, the storyline would have to evolve away from a predictable motif, and at some point evolution would depart far enough from the original 11 herbs and spices formula that Lost's spell would dissipate back into the thin air from whence it materialized out of nowhere. Simultaneously, the tastes of the fans also evolve as well in it's own directions over the run of any tv series. This is all beginning to sound like I actually watched Lost myself which would make me a normal human being in the eyes of Lost aficianados, but whata they know about normalcy when while they're jonesing for the next episode so preoccupied that they never noticed the spaceship that flew over their neighborhood. Don't quote me but had the freakin series been instead named, "Found," would it have been the same phenomenon as it all was? Another random thought, are there Lost clones in other countries? France for example had it's own version of "Wheel of Fortune" that went by the title of "La Roue de la Fortune".


Kay said...

Gosh! What are we going to do without Lost? I still don't have the answers I wanted to know. What the heck was that island anyhow? And the numbers? They can't end the show without telling us.

Cloudia said...

Yeah, we all feel like we lost a family member here on Oahu, eh, Ron?

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Rowena said...

A little bit of Palin influence there, eh?

RONW said...

Kay- personally I highly doubt that they had the hypothetical answers to the hypothetical questions. Plus, it spared them from leaks.

Cloudia- Elvis has left the house.

Rowena- Palin can spell? You're giving her the benefit of the doubt.