Sunday, May 9, 2010

$2 Sale

the pile of stuff beneath the strawberry is mail that had been accumulating in my mailbox for a week to the chagrin of the mail-person. The mail-person dumped it out. In it's place, the mail-person left a key. The key is to open one of the oversize-mail lockers already installed in our lobby into which mail-person deposited my piled up mail with a mental message stuck on. However, the mail-person left the plastic bag in the empty mailbox that had been deposited earlier during the week that mail-persons throughout the nation distributed in behalf of the US Postal Service food drive. You probably received one of those bags yourself.


Ann da sista said...

You got a bag? We just got a postcard asking us to participate. Maybe our mailman ran out of bags.

RONW said...

Ann- or, the squirrels took the bag.