Saturday, February 6, 2010

This Saturday

So much for Snowmageddon, the blizzard hitting the mid-atlantic states. Who dat, whoo, or something of that nature. Ain't a thing I can do about it. For the record, I've never even been in snow myself. Tomorrow the Super Bowl.  Be watching for the Tiger Woods' tv advertisement in which he makes an apology to his pupule wife.

Mostly you see people riding their rinky dinky mopeds. This is a pleasant change of scenery. Especially since newer mopeds like these don't produce loud annoying sounds from their exhaust pipes. Also, when I'm on my motorbike riding behind a moped, I cannot begin to tell you how much unburned fuel is emitted from the older model mopeds just from the smell of things. Essentially raw pollution. Imagine the situation in countries where mopeds are the vehicle of choice. Something about 2-stroke engines won't be allowed on brand new mopeds in the US after this year. I think it was this year. Mopeds will be required to have more energy efficient and quieter 4-stroke engines.

If you look closely, there are two parakeets in the picture. When I asked permission from the sidewalk vender to take their photo, she reluctantly agreed. She doesn't have any idea who the heck I am. Does she? But dear reader, you do. Me, the world renowned photographer. I wasn't going bite the parakeets or talk to them. At any rate, apparently they are her biggest salesmen on the floor.

I simply can't say enough about these people.

Nice shady spot on the grassed-in area on the beach.

I've been meaning to mention that this may be the best internet cafe in Waikiki. It's located in a sorta-satellite post office in the International Market Place in the middle of everything. The odds are that you wouldn't find it unless you knew of it. It's on the second floor above the tourist shops.

The hourly rates are reasonable and their chairs are plush.

As I was saying, the internet cafe is located on the second floor. Kitty corner and upstairs from the Waikiki retail outlet of Hank's Haute chicago-style hot dogs, which you can see through the window.

You walk up the stairs shown in the right of the photo to get there. End of tour. 

P.S., the home stretch on Waikiki's glorious Ala Wai canal. Actually, a moat excavated to keep the tourists from wreaking havoc on da rest of Honolulu.


kahuku said...

I have indeed been to that internet cafe/post office. I had just been to the kukui nut wholesaler, and mailed back product for selling. Snow is overrated. ;)

Brad Farless said...

I'm surprised Tiger is willing to show his face on TV, especially after further embarrassing himself by going to sex counseling. I mean, WTF is that anyway? Everyone likes to have sex. That's normal. What he needs is a slap in the head for thinking he could get away with having that many women on the side at the same time. That's about it.

In Malaysia motorbikes are popular. There are a few mopeds too, but the mopeds I saw all seemed to be pretty new models. Maybe people are just getting to where they like them there. In the Philippines, there are about 10 motorbikes and mopeds for every car or truck on the road. They're popular there because they don't use as much gas.

That definitely is a nice looking Internet cafe. I like how clean it looks. Most internet cafes over here in Asia leave something to be desired when it comes to visual appeal.

Ann da sista said...

I'm always surprised when people, in public, are scared to have a picture taken of what they're selling. Makes no sense to me.

Not a snowflake in Connecticut, just very cold. Our energy audit guys flaked on us, so we still have a drafty house. Wish it was Hawaiian salt air blowing through the cracks of our door instead of 23 degree wind....

RONW said...

kahuku- I'm amazed that you actually knew that the internet cafe was there. That second floor level of the International Marketplace has been a virtual death row for a number of businesses throughout the years, and a many retail spaces still lie vacant. Generally anything above ground floor simply misses a lot of foot traffic.

Brad- I agree with your assessment of Tiger. Arguably, he's only defense is that he was possessed with a natural talent of sinking it into the hole, if you may. Quite obviously, Tiger had the misfortune of deceiving the wrong woman. Swedish women, whoo, hoo. Fist pump. Just watch, all this is material for a hit movie in foreseeable future. About internet cafes, in general, it really would be nice if they make it a point to disinfect the keyboards and mouse at intervals. But this particular internet cafe is spacious, and only a hundred yards off the beach to boot.

Ann- well, the sidewalk vendors are only allowed "donations," which gives them legal immunity for selling their wares without a license, to the ire of storefronts that pay a $1000 rent per day. It actually went to State Supreme Court, which ruled that the street vendors are guaranteed freedom of expression and speech. As a result, it's like a circus on the main drag at nights. From people offering massages to street performers, mimes to fortune tellers, etc. etc. You can barely walk through the crowded sidewalk, but that the court's ruling.

Rowena said...

RONW, your wit sometimes...(in reference to your reply to Brad about "sinking it into the hole")...I should learn never to be in the process of drinking hot coffee when I stop in to say howzit.

Btw, howzit. My Saturday pales (literally) in comparison to yours.

RONW said...

Rowena- I owe you coffee. You're like me in the sense that I read all the other comments when visiting other blogs' comment page.

Rowena said...

Ehhh...sometimes I read oddah comments, sometimes not. Depends on the first few words, you know, how compelling they appear in print, if not content. And of course if I really feel like getting into a discourse of "diarrhea of da mout" (no offense to anyone). That's what forums are for.

RONW said...

Rowena- yeah, I know what you mean. I don't read thru every single comment at blogs that I visit. In fact, with some blogs, I don't even read the comments section. Every now and then, though, you might reap some talking points to blog about.