Friday, January 15, 2010

Hawaii motorists now pay the highest price for gasoline in the nation

It be Happy Aloha Friday. Imagine if gas hits $4.00 a gallon, again. You'd kick yourself for not having invested in oil stocks. The logic went that the dividends from your oil stocks cancels out the hike of gas prices that you would pay at the pump, and then some. Same with electric company stocks plugged into the same formula. It's all so freakin obvious. Still, relatively few people take the extra effort to invest in the industries that produce the essential commodities that they themselves consume on the daily basis. Thus they remain as they were the day before as commodities in the eyes of our nation's business barons. So to speak, no more than cattle grazing on a ranch. Send me a check in the amount of $50, and I'll instruct you on how to do these things. Mahalo, and many happy returns. For your own sake, you must act now.


Kay said...

We bought a Prius instead. Somebody told me they're going to come out with electric cars next. Hmmm... maybe oil prices will go down then?

RONW said...

Kay- you should be commended on buying the hybrid. It'll encourage Detroit to manufacture more, less oil-reliant vehicles, and develop better efficient models in the future.