Sunday, December 6, 2009

Today's Toys for Tots Ride

Street Bikers United Hawaii held it's annual Toys for Tots Ride through Waikiki in behalf of the U.S. Marines Corps toy drive. You know that new camera I've been blogging about's not the best for parade photos. I set it to "sports" mode but the photos still aren't as sharp as my older 4-megapixel clunker. Also, I was shooting into a slight noon shadow, and because I don't understand how to adjust the setting for this, the bikes themselves, all the chrome and aftermarket accesories that the riders spent hours buffing and polishing up the night before to showcase in today's parade went for nought through the eyes of my new camera. The remainder of today's post then will focus on "image"....of the motorbike kind. As a motorbike rider, either you have it or you don't. A few bikers ride around with sour faces that only their mothers would tolerate, and that, only because they aren't entitled to a refund on the factory reject. If these grumpy faced riders handed their toy to a needy kid in person, the tot would be traumatized for life. A+ for image.

Chrome helmets are the bomb.

So are dark glasses.

Photo speaks for itself.

Female riders always appear more balanced riding a motorbike because their bigger bottoms makes for a lower center of gravity. In the fair and balanced department, large tits diminishes the inherent advantage.

The "leg wrap" leaves the passenger's hands free.

Ever seen a girl rider with a bandana wrapped around her head? It makes the female look wicked on a bike. Without the bandana, it's arguably a Lady Godiva image.

Mayor Mufi.

Never quite understood how passengers on sports bikes kept themselves from falling off the back seats.

"Big Dog" type of motorbike.

Another demonstration of the leg wrap.

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