Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday's Surf and Sea

You might recognize objects in this photo and in the photo directly below as the same objects in my blog's banner at the top of the page. I actually read the factory instruction manual on how to operate my new camera because I wanted to start off doing things the right way but I wasn't able to comprehend all the directions and retain the proper sequences on how to adjust the settings with the control buttons. All in all, as long as I remember to remove the lens cap, I should be able to make reasonable progress from that point on. This is the kind of situation that you have to know what you're doing to understand what you read in the instruction manual, but if you already know how to do things, you don't especially need to read the instruction manual.

Lifeguard tower.

As you can see for yourselves, my 20x optical zoom, 80x with digital, just isn't powerful enough to bring people in the surf zone into sharp focus. Perhaps a tripod would improve the resolution at that distance or if the objects that I happened to be shooting aren't moving. Like, stop for a moment and pose, will you. Btw, the camera has a permanent lens.

Another example.

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