Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Morning Photo

I just peeked outside and I'm glad to report that there's no snow to shovel off of the driveway. Have you ever taken notice yourself that some dogs walk along sides their owners in unison, while other dogs play lead dog and pull their owners. For the lead dog type of personality, the owner should have brought a skateboard and receive a free tow. A sled would work. (more later) No, really....

via Small Reflections


Cloudia said...

Sledding through the sand!

Aloha, neighbor

Comfort Spiral

RONW said...

Cloudia- so, it's snowing in your part of Waikiki.

storyteller said...

I do love this video ;-)
Thanks so much for offering your sage advice (regarding my printer problem) at Small Reflections. I've not quite convinced myself to do what you suggest (being the thrifty Dutch gal my mother so carefully raised who is also environmentally conscious ... not to mention doggedly determined when I put my mind to something), but I suspect that's what I'll wind up doing in the end. Nice to meet another early riser who loves bagels ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Rowena said...

Good golly it looks like a great day to hang laundry! I had a "dumb and dumber" idea to experiment just how long it would take for damp laundry to freeze solid on the line. I suppose I could simply ask my neighbors...for them, any day is laundry day.

RONW said...

Storyteller- did I get the video via your website....I searched and searched my history and just couldn't locate where I saw it? Mystery solved. I just finished attributing it to your blog directly below the video. Belated thankx.

Rowena- just like the potogee washer woman.