Friday, December 11, 2009

Did You Do This?

Lazy asses, just leave their shopping carts in the parking lot.

Instead, they should lay the cart down on its side so that it doesn't roll around and ding nearby cars.


Rowena said...

As why over here, they figured that if they made it so that you have to put a coin into a slot to release the shopping cart from it's stall, chances are that you'll return the cart to get your coin back. For us it's either a 1 or 2€ coin...I'll remembah fo take pikcha nex' time.

On the other hand, there are usually signs at the shopping centers disclaiming any responsibilities for vehicular damages while spending money at their mega-complex.

Ann da sista said...

Rowena, They just started that at a grocery store here too. It's $.25 for a cart. Kind of brilliant! :)

RONW said...

Rowena- they tried that at the old Holiday Mart, but they discontinued it for some reason. I remember that often the coin slots didn't work.

Ann- many shoppers push a cart around in the store, itself, because they'r lugging their purses with them and want to have their hands free, but they're not actually buying a lot. They could just as well put the cart back at cart station near the entrance if they really wanted to.