Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to Toast Bagels

For lack of a toaster, I tossed these cinnamon raisan bagels into the oven because I've heard bagels aren't as tasty eaten at room temperature, and if your toaster doesn't happen to work, then it's 400° for 5-minutes in the oven. At 1 AM in the morning, btw. Why at 1 AM in the morning? Because at that hour I'm the leader of the free world. Insomina, you know. If they had their act together and shipped enough christmas trees to hawaii, I might be baking up bagel ornaments for the evergreen. At any rate, it seems like every toaster I've ever owned over the years start to malfunction after the 200.5th toast. Buy a new toaster, and the same freakin thing happens all over again. For that matter, the same thing happens with all my electric can openers as well, at least, that's been my experience. However, talk about delicious. The bagels.


Rowena said...

Do you eat them with cream cheese?

Season's Greetings (I like how this ties everything into two words).

RONW said...

Rowena- usually, but I only had butter on hand, so I had to make do.

Kay said...

Unfortunately, bagels are just the worst WORST for carbs so I can't have them since I'm pre-diabetic.

Nevermind the strawberry pie I had tonight because our neighbor gave us some.

RONW said...

Kay- strawberry pie!! Now you're talking.