Thursday, December 3, 2009


Am I making this up....swedish women whack and blundgen their viking spouse as part of their household duties. The incident would never make for a newsworthy story back home much less snowball into a major headline. Nor would a bona fide viking try to escape his ordeal. A true viking would instead dare the pupule wahine to hit him with her best shot until the drama subsided. Nah, I dunno this for true, but what is not in question is that the PGA must be worried about a possible negative financial impact that the incident may have on their golf tournaments lavish prizes being that Tiger is their marquee player and sponsers have increased tournament prize monies as if there weren't an ongoing recession. Take Tiger out of the picture, and this just wouldn't be so. The greens wouldn't be so green, if you may. It follows that if Tiger's pristine image is tarnished, tv audience may drop, and sponsers generosity will also follow suit accordingly. Tiger received $3 million just to show up at the recent Australian Masters which the organizers of the Australian Masters tournament were only too glad to oblige him. They'd recoup the fee with the increased sponsership as simple as that.

Photo via Odds and Ends

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RONW said...

Rowena- kinda stupid of Tiger if everything is true. Being so well known as he is and all that. Perhaps he was horny. Fortunately he still get his boto attached to the same place. The latest news is that the officer who interviewed Tiger while he was lying on the ground, said that Tiger was snooring....bad dream.