Friday, October 23, 2009

Protests on First of "Furlough Fridays"

While teachers are furloughed, 2,280 cafeteria workers, custodians, electricians, masons and other laborers will be working at public schools with empty classrooms because apparently nobody had the forethought that balancing the state budget would work even better if those on-campus workers were included in the happy aloha friday furloughs. Those workers belong to different unions. That wasn't something new. I don't blame the teachers if they're pissed off about the disparity. The venue for the protest rally will be in front of the state capitol building, and I read in the newspaper that out-of-work school bus drivers will be shuttling protesters to the capitol for free on what otherwise would have been empty school buses sitting idle.


J-Damn said...

That is ineptitude at its finest. Honestly. If everyone had shared in the furlough, then maybe there wouldn't be 17 of them and keiki would be in classrooms learning. OH. MY. LORD.

RONW said...

J-Damn- it's screwed-up. Fortunately, the national news didn't get wind of it.