Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Motorized Watercrafts Allowed

....they had another sewage spill into the Ala Wai and obviously, "The public is advised to stay out of the area until further notice." The operators of these motorized boats, that shouldn't be where they are, they make like they're some kind commodore plying the seven seas. Or, Humphrey Bogart on the African Queen. Not exaggerating. I'm not sure on the official reason behind why the Ala Wai canal is off limits to motorized watercrafts, whether it's because the wakes from a passing boat would disrupt the lives of the municipal ducks, causing the ducks to bob up and down like corks. Or, whether it's just to prevent collisions with kayaks and canoes using Honolulu's grand canal on non-sewage spill days. It might be because the wakes of motorized boats would accelerate the errosion of the shoreline. That might be it.

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RONW said...

Nate- I'm sure they're aware of the rule, but they do it anyway.