Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Body of Evidence

Koko Head crater as it appears looking to your left from the Diamond Head scenic lookout. And I know you're saying to your self that Koko Head crater looks so much better close up, and no shutterbug worth his $5.oo disposable camera would take a photo of Koko Head crater from the above distance. However since I'm not 100 percent sure on the health of Iron Horse (my bike) I was wary of riding up that hill to get to the place where people usually take pictures of Koko Head crater. Which brings us to tonight's topic which I took off the news wire: Taking photos of your kids in the tub. Or, here.

If you haven't read the story .... A husband and wife took impromtu photographs of their kids innocently romping around naked in the bathroom. Brought the pictures over to Walmart to have the pics developed. The Walmart employee determined the pics were porn. The couple are reported to the police, re: Walmart policy, who in turn interpreted the photos to be the substance which is porn enough to turn the parents over to CPS. CPS takes the kids away from the parents for a month. Better to be safe than sorry for the welfare of the kids? The porn charges revolve around 8 pics which were judged in context of a batch of 144 pics, total, that the parents took to Walmart to have developed. That's on the same level of having posted a naked photo of your own kids on your blog within the overall context of a dotting post on the same siblings. Ah, huh! You are a child pornographer. The prosecution rests. As the parents found out for themselves, they were not entitled to an expedited hearing in front of an impartial judge to review the photographs and put an end to the matter. Heck, all that's involved is to examine the darn photos. It ain't like a long drawn out somebody's word against another person's kinda thing. A judge later ruled in the parent's favor. I was watching television, and a commentator put it, "the authorities are the parties that have the perverted minds" which appears to have presided over the evidence.

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