Sunday, September 13, 2009


There are two kinds of people in the world. The kind that fill up the water pitcher when it's empty, and the kind that refuse to fill up the water pitcher. The type of person that won't refill the water pitcher when it's their turn is an inferior type of person. That may be interpreted as a narrow view of the world if taken out of context. Accordingly, there's these two people stranded in the middle of the desert for the past six months and are on their last leg. Jim inquires of Joe, "Did you refill the water pitcher in the refrigerator?" Joe replies, "Of course, I did." Jim pants, "we get soda too in the refrig?" Joe exclaims, "I just put in two six-packs this morning. Should be cold by now."

When we use to order pitchers of beer in the neighborhood bar, the bartender use to reserve a plastic bottle of frozen water to stick into the pitcher of beer to keep it cold after the pitcher was sitting out for a while. If you added ice, the ice would dilute the beer after it melted. I figured a frozen bottle of water would also work to chill tap water too in a water pitcher. Beer on tap....water on tap....hmmm, almost as simple as adding 2 plus 2 together. I always keep a plastic bottle of water frozen (photo above) in the freezer for when I ride my motorbike. You mentioned something about buying ice trays to make cold water. Never thought of that. Do ice trays refill themselves?

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